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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Some Random Thoughts

Warning: tonight was the Chatterbox, the Rathskeller for a school/Indy Bar Association social function, and even more Chatterbox. So I am definitely having many profound thoughts. I simply can't articulate all of them at this time. I may not be able to articulate the ones I get out very well either. Geez.

1: Many lawyers are closet alcoholics. Or they are close to being alcoholics. The amount of beer myself, my classmates, and the attorneys that were assigned to us is amazing. It isn't like we were drinking Miller Lite.

2: Always good to see my favorite Brainy Blonde Babe who got me interested in blogging and was the first student blog I read. Good luck in your studies and you will be invited to a 'Cheesy Movie Night' upon your return from vacation in August.

3: It was good to meet, if briefly, Joshua Claybourn who allowed me the chance to first blog at Sapere Aude. It is somewhat weird to know someone from their writings, yet not know the person who writes them. Which reminds me, I need to post something there soon as I've had an idea for a post for the last few weeks, but simply haven't created it yet. I don't want to be accused of shirking my duties there. The ability to communicate to my classmates is something that I hold sacred so the written craft sometimes needs to ferment with me.

4: I STILL have someone's surprise package that she has not picked up from her mail folder. I took it out of your folder and I hoped to see that someone at the IBA Summer Connection so I could give it to you at the 'Skeller, but you weren't there sadly. You want to do Starbucks or dinner sometime so you can finally enjoy your surprise package? No I am not telling you what it is as it would not be a surprise package then.

5: Resolution for the new school year that I will keep. I WILL be more social with my law school family. As I saw the many faces tonight I realized that time was short to enjoy each other's company. This is our special time now. It is time to cherish it through our work and sacrifice.

6: Concerning a conversation at my second Chatterbox encounter: given my unique social situation as the old man do you truly believe I'll simply settle for anyone? When you find that soulmate you don't simply settle. One advantage, if you want to call it that, is that I've seen far too many people settle. The price paid is too high in those situations. I may not learn from my own mistakes, but I tend to learn from other's.

7: As a classmate noted, "It is time to mark our mark." Time for me to kick it up a notch. It is time to blaze a trail of glory.

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