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Monday, July 12, 2004

¿Dónde está mi conocimiento español?

Sol De Mexico is gone! That was good Mexican restaurant and it was within walking distance. I rather enjoyed watching Mexican soap operas when I was in there. I could catch one word in four. I really need to brush up on my Spanish and get those atrophied neurons fired up again.

Luckily there is another good place on the opposite side of the interstate and their Mexican game shows are just as good. I guess Mexican Star Search was on or some musical show. Plenty of dancing and different bands many of which had a good brass section, including a sousaphone! That's it I need to give up law, head south of the border and be the gringo tubaristo. Roadies and groupies come to me please and enjoy the heavy metal sound. Well, at least it's weighty brass. I could become the next David Hasselhoff you know.

The burritos were good, but I tried to figure out the commercial for the new Dodge Magnum. Suddenly I had to try to figure out what the words on the screen meant. I couldn't do it. Yea, I really need to brush up on my Spanish and get those atrophied neurons fired up again. Maybe there is a Spanish club meeting where people gather once every week or two just to speak the language? I know there is one for speaking French in Indy, but I have no desire to learn French. When I was in France last year my Spanish started to come back to me. It was totally useless in Lille and confused the locals when I ended the sentence with Spanish vocabulary, but the knowledge is trapped in my fragile mind. You either use it or you loose it. I don't want to be purely monolingual. Any Spanish speakers around here that I can learn from?

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