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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Children Are Our Future & We're So Screwed

Tomorrow our little group will likely finish grading the 11th grade math exams for Kentucky two weeks ahead of schedule. Why so fast? We're so good at our job! After grading 11,000 of these things I've become convinced that I'll either need to double check that my future children are learning what they are supposed to be learning or scrap up the dough for private school.

I realize there will be a few great math students, several good ones, many average ones, and hopefully only a few bad students to create a proper bell curve. However I am getting the impression that 'average' is being dumbed down. Some of the answers I am grading are so unrealistic that I have no idea what student could have legitimately put pencil to paper on some of them. 3.2 ka-jillion dollars?????? The odometer on a car going backwards????? Converting inches to miles??? Oh boy!

Hopefully I'll get to grade science next. The social studies essays sound like garbage.

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