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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Next Big Thing.

Good morning. Between non-profit job and a short term temp assignment at night (a.k.a. VISA relief fund) I've been BUSY!!! When I arrive home I wind down a bit and collapse onto my bed. No blogging for you in other words. However, I can take writings from other places and post them here as fresh posts. I'll explain the story. A certain wannabe environmental lawyer (who will rename nameless) was feeling a bit frustrated by the tack his/her career went. Environmental Lawyer asked for various opinions. Below is my response.


The next big thing is already occurring, but you can help add to the critical mass of it: the growing acceptance and development of "green" energy sources, construction, and lifestyle choices.

Help promote development and acceptance of solar,wind, geothermal, and water power on both large and small scales. Yes the big wind farms off of Padre Island and the Columbia River valley are a good start, but how about promoting and writing local building codes to have hi-tech windmills attached to every new home in suburbia? Promote the use of solar roofing shingles that are flexible like asphalt ones, but generate electricity instead of sucking up solar heat. Promote underground parking garages to prevent heat sink conditions in an urban environment instead of paving it all. Promote new commercial buildings to collect rain water in cisterns for use as toilet water and watering the surrounding landscaping instead of using treated city water from a public utility.

Promote a 10% increase in the CAFE standards in 5 years. Encourage tax credits for new diesel engines using low sulfur fuel and manual trannys in cars to increase fuel economy. Promote the use of lightweight materials in automotive construction in place of steel.

Encourage recycling programs for paper, metals, plastics, electronic waste (e.scrap), batteries, etc. Encourage rails to trails development for better health and alternative transportation needs. Establish high speed rail. Fund nature conservatories to purchase land to make parks, wetlands, leave or turn back into a natural state.

Is this really ONE BIG THING or lots of little things that add up? I guess it depends on how closely you look at the paint stroke instead of the entire picture. I feel the shifting of societal attitudes towards a more green friendly outlook is the next big thing.

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