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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just Another Day In The Office.

Though absent from the blog I've not been swamped with work. I simply haven't felt like blogging. I told you earlier this ship is going down soon.

In case you're curious work has been exciting so far. Public Interest Inc! is slowly getting me into the mix of things. As a few projects come in and my phone number and email address get out there I'm sure things will pick up quickly. Right now I'm picking up a few pieces from the previous occupant of my position.

I've never worked for a small office before in any job. I'm more hands on in ways I never realized before. I had to set up my own email accounts and learn my phone system. Luckily the phone's user manual is on my desk. The office staff is curious if I can be the on-site tech guru. I'll eventually perform website maintenance, create email lists, and I already solved a Excel spreadsheet issue. If I can find a battery backup somewhere I'll hook it up to our main lawyer's PC. The power died for a split second and we learned the hard way he didn't have a battery backup on his PC. Strangely enough I do. The lack of standardization in IT equipment is a first for me. This is a small shop so they ordered stuff when they needed it. I have Windows 98, another has Windows 2000, some have Windows XP. Perhaps I can write a grant to upgrade some of our equipment. LCD monitors would be more energy efficient, lighter to move around, and simply more cool.

I get a few perks and I'm debating to paint my office sage green, burnt copper, or tuscan red. Run with the perks I say or paint with them in this case. I might even get a paint refund from the petty cash fund. I'll check into that.

I still don't believe I have a job now. With luck it will be more real once I cash the first paycheck.

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