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Friday, July 28, 2006

If Only I Had Known Spike Was Dancing

This will only matter to 3 people who read this blog.

FX shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes in the morning. I only caugh the last 5 minutes, but it was the musical '
Once More With Feeling' and I'm miffed I didn't see the entire thing. Watching Spike sing and dance in his graveyard (Rest In Peace Okay he's only in the graveyard the last half 0f the video. Okay this is only funny if you're a BTVS fan. Although I'm pretty sure one Spike fan librarian is liking the video ;-) .) is the funniest 2.5 minutes of TV I've ever seen.*

*That didn't involve people getting hit in their crotch, the use of bad words, or a mouse running loose in a hotel.

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