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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You Want Me To Walk???

Our local Metropolitan Planning Organization is debuting a regional plan to encourage more walking. The public may comment at 6:30 tonight at the Indiana Historical Society. The point of the plan is to get people to walk more for short trips. Okay a good goal, but don't forget to zone commercial and residential uses near enough to each other to allow a good walk. Don't forget to install sidewalks either. Entire sections of this city don't have sidewalks. If you get new development the sidewalks often stop at undeveloped sections of land and don't connect to the next developed area.

Perhaps I should go and politely point out these little things need to be done!

In most Indianapolis suburbs, it's too late to tell people to walk to the store. Commercial districts are too far from most residential districts to make that feasible.

But much of the MPO's focus is on the surrounding counties, which still contain much open, undeveloped land.

Walking out to the Dairy Queen helps offset that Blizzard. In case you want more info on the process go here.

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