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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Happy Accident: Adobo Grill

I'm intruding upon braingirl's territory at Feed Me/Drink Me but I need to give this restaurant review. (Hey braingirl, perhaps we should hit one place together and do a joint review sometime.) After doing some miscellaneous research and shopping I was in Hassleton...err...the Castleton area (I'm sorry but if you're familiar with the traffic around I-69, 82nd St., and Allisonville Rd. then you'll agree the nickname is well deserved.) If you have $5 you go to Taco Bell. If you have $10 you go to Q'Doba/Chipotle (When I call them upscale Taco Bells I mean no disrespect. I love Q'Doba and the cheap eats of the Bell.). I thought Adobo Grill was along the same lines. WRONG!!!!!

The outdoor patio tempted me, but was crowded Saturday night. I went inside and was shocked to discover a hostess. A bar dominates the middle. The lower level has excellent tile floors appropriate for a Mexican eatery. The upper level had solid wood floors with that still pretty new shine to them. I had a seat on the upper level next to the window overlooking the small parking lot. While not as scenic as the patio I could still people-watch.

My very friendly redheaded waitress (no I did NOT flirt with her) plopped down a coaster and filled my water glass. The coaster had 2 addresses on them. I figured this was a Chicago based restaurant with the Division St. address and my waitress confirmed that. She suggested the margartia and I figured she was right. She came back and had the mixer in her hand. After shaking she poured the contents into my glass. I get entertainment with my drinks I see.

After ordering my chicken dish, the name of which I don't recall, I didn't quite hear what my waitress said, but I heard 'guacamole'. I should have asked to repeat herself, but I thought she was referring to a sidedish or some sauce to go with the chips. Several minutes later another lady arrived with a cart. She mixed tomatoes, onions, and other things into a bowl and ground it with a pestle. Then she carved an avocado in half and mixed it into the bowl as well. Viola, homemade tasty guacamole!

My chicken dish arrived. Adobo Grill gives you tortilla shells, but my chicken was still on bones so I didn't see a point in using the shells. The beans and other assorted sidedishes with the entree were fine. The chicken was bathed in a tasty sauce.

Adobo Grill appears to serve an upper-middle class of people. Given the number of Caddys, Lexuses (Lexi?), BMWs, and one Ferrari(!) that offloaded people by the entrance I felt out of place in my Charleston bachelor party t-shirt and ratty shorts. Next time I'll wear a nicer shirt. With upper-middle class clientele comes upper-middle class prices. This is the one fault Adobo Grill. The waitress was friendly, my water glass was always full, but the bill gave me chest pains. $7.50 for guacamole! That's more than my margarita! As nice place to take a date for good food, good service, and nice atmosphere Adobo Grill is highly recommended. As a quick, cheap place to grab a burrito just walk down the strip mall and find the tasty Q'Doba.

They have 2 private rooms near the bathrooms so if you want a small party by yourself Adobo can accommodate. The restrooms are quite nice in appearance and cleanliness. I know for some people that is an issue so I figured I should mention it. I wish I had tilework that nice in my bathrooms.

As long as you know what to expect (admittedly I did not) I give Adobo Grill my upraised fork in apprecicate.

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