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Monday, July 17, 2006

I Know This Is An Abridged Dictionary, But Shouldn't This Word Be In Here?

Long time readers of this blog know I am not the best speller. Sometimes the spelling mistakes are due to being lazy with a post (this blog is not similar to a major paper so I won't edit it as well as I would otherwise). Sometimes the mistakes are because I am an average speller. I spell a word like I hear it, but the way my brain translates what it hears isn't always correct either. (Sometimes I wonder if I have dyslexia or something similar. Is there a way to test that in adults? Does dyslexia suddenly appear when you're older?)

Back to the point. I wrote a word and was pretty sure of the spelling. It was the type of word that had multiple spellings such as two, too, or to. However the dictionary was nearby so I decided to double check myself. I couldn't find the word. Until I moved the book next to the paper I didn't realize I spelled the word correctly on the paper, but was mentally misspelling it when I was looking in the dictionary.

Instead of dyslexia perhaps I have senility.

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