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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CAS 07 Golf Is 3 Years Late

This is the third year this version of the Golf has been available in Europe. NOW it is finally coming to North America. Why the delay? I haven't a clue. VW could have used the new product to keep people coming into the showrooms. Granted the Jetta and Passat are bigger sellers than the Golf, but hey you always need new product coming in.

Anyway this Golf is just like the new Jetta introduced last year, except 15 inches shorter due to the hatchback styling. I liked the new Jetta. If you don't need the trunk the new Golf should be just as good. It might even handle better due to the shorter length and less weight. Parking will be a bit easier thanks to the lack of trunk. The interior simply felt right.

Oh yeah, the stereo does go up to 11. Stupid kids jacking around with the radio. I'll admit the sound was pretty clear at such a high volume. I'm guessing the MSRP will be similar to the Golf so expect a starting price of $18,000 or so. If you want something smaller and fuel efficient with some luxury it might be worth it.

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