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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Help Save Democracy.

It isn't the sexiest topic the General Assembly is evading this year, but it might be the most important. HB1009 would establish a bipartisian redistricting commission after 2010 to create political voting districts based on population and natural community boundaries. The commission is not allowed to use political voting data and incumbant addresses like they do now. Oh it would also mean the winners of the election do not create safe districts for themselves to stay in power: gerrymandering.

Since virtually all Democrats and Republicans in the Statehouse complained when this bill came out, it must be a good idea. Surprisingly the bill made it out of the House with 3 Democrat and every Republican vote. The Senate has stalled out the bill. HB1009 is assigned to the Senate Elections Committee yet hasn't gotten a hearing, much less a vote.

Here is the place where you can look up your state senator. Give them a call/letter/candygram to get them on the ball. What are they afraid of, having to work for their jobs?

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