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Friday, February 17, 2006

We Needed A Survey For The Obvious?

I often wonder about the use of my tax dollars to fund the obvious.
Most surveys about sex find impossibly that men have had far
more partners than women, typically two to four times as many.

The latest was a web-based survey of 2,065 heterosexual
non-virgins with a median age in their late 40s.

The women reported on average 8.6 lifetime sexual
partners. The men claimed 31.9.
Rather than let it go at that, Brown and his
colleagues later in the survey asked the participants to rate the truthfulness
of their response. About 5 percent said they lied. In addition, more than 10
percent said they knew their answer wasn't accurate.

I've had this many and 5 minutes later I'll admit I lied about it. If you're going to lie just stick by it. Hey since this is an anonymous web-based survey why not tell the truth. This isn't bragging at the bar with your buddies. Though if you read the article is says women weren't entirely accurate either.

Does this remind you of that conversation Dante had with his girlfriend in Clerks?

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