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Friday, February 10, 2006

Veronica Mars Fans I Need A Favor.

I'm at my parents' place Wednesday night helping out my dad. Afterwards after scarfing down free food the latest Veronica Mars comes on. The clarity of The Dish is amazing. I'm so used to static now it is pathetic.

Anyway I need to know what happened in one scene. The signal went out and my displeasure was so noticeable my Moan Of Doom was heard throughout the house.

Okay everyone is at the fair. Beaver Casablancas and his girlfriend, whose name I can never remember aka The Geekette, are walking around. Older brother Dick, how appropriately named, makes fun of them. Beaver has a look in his eye.

Okay what happened next? I have a few guesses, but someone please spill the beans.

1. Beaver gets mad that Dick is dissing on his girlfriend and finally tries to beats the snot out of Dick.

2. The Geekette proves she has some metal to her and beats the snot out of Dick.

3. They both sulk and retreat. Later we do see them on a laptop finding the hooker trap for Dick. Now that was funny!

4. Special Guest Star Chuck Norris enters the scene and roundhouse kicks Dick across the high school.

I think it's true love between those two. Be nice to have one happy couple on the series, but I'm convinced Rob Thomas is a disciple of Joss Whedon in that regard. Give the audience what they want and take it away brutally.

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