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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Automotive Essay: Stupid Commercials Part II

You're familiar with the lame Safe Auto commercial where the guy is stuck in the snow and the they imply the assisting police officer checks for his lack of auto insurance. Okay no police officer is going to check for proof of insurance to a motorist stranded in the snow. Last night I noticed the commercial was even more stupid. The car stuck in the snow is an old Plymouth Acclaim. If you watch the commercial you'll notice the badging. I saw the dorkwad look out the window towards the rear. Then he is using the hubcap to dig out the left rear tire when the cop shows up.

The Acclaim was a front wheel drive sedan. Stupid commercial makers.

You know that new Toyota RAV4 commercial where gas prices attack everyone else. You see numbers flying around and attacking cars and people. How come every other car on the road is suddenly a mid-80s large gus-guzzling GM sedan? Those marketers are so subtle.

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