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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One Freezing Weekend In Chicago: Part II

We're Not Worthy. We're Not Worthy.
I'm at the McCormick Convention Center for the Chicago Auto Show. I ride up the escalator and immediately discover just how much the Indy Auto Show sucks. From my spot I can tell this show covers two wings of the building. The entire Indy show could fit in one of those wings. The only reason I'm not on the floor pulling a Wayne and Garth is because I don't want security to toss me out.

At this time I start some calculations. The train back to the 'burbs leaves at 5:30 and 6:30, with the next one at 8:30. The CAG and I are supposed to have dinner together so the 8:30 train is out. If I have to walk back to the station I'll need to leave at either 4:30 or 5:30. Did I mention it is 5 degrees with a wind outside? I'll try to take the bus back.

I'm only here to see my favorites or the new vehicles that debutted in the past 2 months. This strategy should allow me to cover the entire area in a few hours.

We Don't Have That Back Home!
Chrysler has a road course inside the show. They have moving cars that you can ride in inside the building! A short straightaway, some chicanes, a slalom, and for the Jeeps a 30 foot tall hill with a creek! The line to take the rides are way too long for me. This place is extremely crowded. I can barely make it through certain sections. For some reason those crowded sections are Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Maseratti, the luxury/sporty brands. The stuff dreams are made of.

Quit Playing In The Cars Please.
I don't know which is worse. 1) The dorkwad who kept sitting in the one car forever and not allowing others to get in the drivers seat to see what the interior is like. 2) The unsupervised children who were getting into cars to only pump up the stereo as loud as it would go and goof off.

Sir, please get out of the car in a timely fashion. Other people are waiting. It doesn't take 5 minutes to sit with your hands on the steering wheel and do nothing. At least reach for the buttons and see how much headroom you have. Do something please. Get in one of the other Civics please. This is the only sedan with a stick shift so I want in.

Dear children, I really blame your parent for not supervising you. As kids of course you're going to think cars are toys and treat them as such. Hey I treat the cars as toys too. However if you see people waiting get out of the friggin' car! I really loved how you two said, "Hey let's see how loud this one gets!" Thank you for blasting hip-hop through VW stereos. Several of them all at once. I liked how I decided to go to another VW because some kids were in the new Golf I wanted to try out. I liked how I saw them get out. I liked how two new brats raced into the same car three steps ahead of me and tried out the stereo. I think children should be banned. I think the adult who said to you "I'll be right over there okay?" should be pistol-whipped by me.

Tomorrow I pick up the photo CD so I'll share the rest of my thoughts with pretty pictures!

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