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Friday, September 16, 2005

A Fundamental Flaw In The Basic Assumptions

Have I been fired and no one bothered to tell me? I realize the nature of substitute teacher in a bit haphazard, but I truly figured I could be working 3.5 -5 days a week with no effort as long as I was flexible.

Granted not working this week allowed me to work out, have some fun, have a few naps, clean the living room, clean the sink (oh boy was that fun), clean the stove (ummmm...lemon scented stench baking), and other miscellaneous things.

Still I'm a capitalist at heart and I demand money. I'm more than willing to trade my labor for it. I think I require a different job. How about one that makes use of the degree I got. Novel concept I know and it would be a first time in my life where my degree and my job are related. I'm talking about the law degree, not the psychology one. Only thing worse than a psychology degree would be history, philosophy, or general management.

How long until those bar results come out? Surprise of all surprise will be an actual Job Fair next week at the school. I found the text of the email interesting, "Attorneys are welcome to attend and submit resumes! Several [employers] will have representatives sharing information and collecting resumes. Employers may not be hiring." Talk about covering the bases! If you're going to be a job fair I believe you should have a reasonable chance of wanting to hire people. I realize circumstances can change, but an employer at a job fair should have a reasonable chance of hiring people within a reasonable timeframe. I suspect I know what is happening, it is more than a job fair. It is also a chance to introduce students to these potential employers even though they may not be hiring right now. Mixed audience with mixed purposes.

All those books preparing you for law school had one flaw, they were written by those who already had jobs lined up upon graduation. Perhaps I should write a book for the other 80% of graduates. Once we're past this neither fish nor fowl syndrome of degreed, but unlicensed, it does get better right?

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