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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Is It Wrong To Want To Show Off A Little?

This has nagged me a bit all summer: the fact my high school class should be having a reunion this year, but isn't. I'll grant the year is one of those that isn't as popular or significant as a 10, 20, or 25 year reunion. I haven't kept track of anyone from high school at all, but I just wanted to go for once. I wanted to say I ran the Mini-Marathon, graduated from law school, and took the bar exam.

Showboating and bragging a bit, oh yeah I'll admit to that. Is it wrong to feel some pride in the things I've accomplished every now and then though?

Besides at the last reunion I ran into she who was the most intelligent and beautiful girl in all of high school in which I had a huge crush. Of course I never told her she was "the one" when we were in school. A shame she just got married before the reunion and turned in her single and eligible card! Maybe I should have told her while we were classmates. Hey she could be divorced and eligible again by now, but since we're not having a reunion I'll never know!

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