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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Honor Of The Big 10

This is my favorite time of year: college football season. I had a nice post on this topic last week, but Blogger ate it. Last Saturday was a big screen TV watching, bring yummies and beer with you kind of weekend and it didn't disappoint. Yesterday was good because Purdue finally kicked off their season (no team should have a bye week the first week of the season). The mighty Akron Zips put up a good battle, Purdue had numerous first game jitters and it was a good game overall with the Boilermakers winning 49-24.

My problem was with the rest of the conference. In order to have Big 10 supremacy they must win their games against inferior opponents. Teams I normally despise due to conference rivalries I cheer for in non-conference games. I'm sure most fans are like this. If a team has to lose at least make it an entertaining tough fought game such as the 25-22 loss Ohio State suffered to Texas. Ohio State had their chances, but they converted 3 turnovers into only 3 field goals instead of touchdowns. A sure touchdown pass was bobbled and dropped. At least the Buckeye upheld the honor of the Big 10. That game was everything the fans wanted.

Sadly Michigan and Iowa have no honor left. Are these two predicted powerhouses paper tigers? I don't know, but Michigan was embarrassed in The Big House by Notre Dame 17-10. The game wasn't even that close. This victory gives the overinflated egos of the Irish the thought they're still relevant to college football. The Fighting Irish need to be smacked down hard and often. Michigan should have nuked them in that ruthless efficient overpowering style they're known for, yet the Wolverines choked.

Even more embarrassing is the 23-3 loss the high-flying, highly ranked Iowa Hawkeye had to the Cyclones of Iowa State. Okay, Iowa's first string QB Drew Tate got a concussion and didn't play most of the game, but man was that game a pain to watch especially since the Hawkeyes are my Wild Card team in the pool! Give Iowa State credit they played well.

The pool...that 70% rating I had last week is going down this week.

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