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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The French Are Back In The Cafeteria!

Do you remember this story? The French government wouldn't back the United States in a preemptive war against Iraq. In protest someone had the idea of renaming French Fries and French Toast into Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast at the Capital Hill cafeterias.

Oh yes that showed the French how much we despised them. Anyway the French Fries are finally back on the Hill. Roommate Whumpa wondered how much taxpayer money was spent on reprinting the menus then and now. Personally I'm hoping it was only the lettering on a board where the letters are clipped on. That would be a much cheaper waste of taxpayer money.

If Congress truly wanted to let the French government know how we felt they did it the wrong way. Renaming French Fries into Freedom Fries. Puh-lease! How lame is that. Next time we're sending Chuck Norris to Paris.

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