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Monday, August 28, 2006

All This Technology And None Of It Freakin' Works!

Two weeks ago roommate Whumpa helped me configure the laptop to access our wireless network. I was a happy camper. However, suddenly my desktop was unable to access our wireless network. That is annoying, especially since the printer is hooked up to the desktop. Despite our best magic wand waving we can't get my desktop to log onto our network. It detects the network. It is configured properly, but it will not log on so the desktop has not internet access. I've been wanting to reformat the hard disk and reinstall all the software for a few months. This incident may finally prove the straw that broke my back.

Yet with a functioning laptop I wasn't too aggravated. Until the wireless card stopped working on Friday that is. Where are my green lights? Why is this card not powering on? Why is Device Manager telling me the device is not functioning properly? I can take the card out and slide it back in. Windows gives me a happy beep that it detects the hardware change. I can uninstall and reinstall the software. Actually I can't reinstall the software completely as Windows states the device is not functioning properly.

I bought the cheapest wireless adapter I could find two years ago. It was nice not having to plug in a cable in class. It was nice to bring my laptop to my parents' house and get some work done. I suppose I can look at this problem from the point of view that $30 or so provided two years of functionality.

Yet now I have NO INTERNET ACCESS!!!

I feel withdrawal symptoms now. The only thing worse is when I haven't had Starbucks, Pepsi, coffee, or any other source of caffeine for a few days. No caffeine and no internet make Brian something something.

In some ways I view this as a positive. Without the temptation of the internet I may get more things accomplished. The biggest downside is sometimes I need my email as the information I require is online. *cough directions to the college draft party cough* Don't expect much blogging from me until I get more regular access or speedy replies to your emails. Thankfully our wonderful public library system has free internet access. I can plug (yes plug in a wire as some people still do that) into their networks and send out the emails I need and catch up on a few important things.

If anyone needs me please call.

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