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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chrysler Back In The Mid-Sized Sedan Market?

Chrysler has been dropping pics (click here for high-resolution exterior shot) of their newly redesigned Sebring. The oft delayed sedan has finally gestated. The styling was locked in before the smash hit that is the Bentleyesque 300 so we get a Crossfire-inspired hood. That's fine as the failure of the Crossfire had nothing to do with the styling. I'm not certain of the horizontal crease going across the doors. This execution appears better than on the Saturn Ion, but I'm still uncertain about that detail.

The interior appears to be in the standard Chrysler design language (which isn't a bad IMHO and I love the flipping front seat for added cargo versitility), but I hope they use higher quality materials in the past. The biggest cripe with Daimler-Chrysler vehicles lately is the apperent cheapness of the interior materials.

The looks are producing a typical Chrysler love-it-or-hate-it reaction among the internet viewers. If you're in Europe you have the availability of a manual transmission and a VW-sourced diesel engine. Neither option will be available in North America sadly. Come on guys give me a near-lux family sedan with a clutch please. I'll settle for it being on only the 2.4L 4 cylinder, but if you can offer it on a V6 that would take on potential sport sedan lovers.

A Dodge twin - a mini-Charger inspired Avenger - will be replacing the Stratus. With luck a SRT (Street Racing Technology) varient will be available sometime and the 3rd pedal gods will favor us, the chosen one.

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