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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You Need To Announce Your Public Meetings A Little Earlier.

Dear IndyGo,

I'm glad you've decided to work on a downtown transit center. Building near the new stadium makes some sense. However if you're going to have a public forum to discuss the idea could you have the local major paper announce that information BEFORE the actual day of the forum?

Finding out on Wednesday morning that a public forum will occur at 4:30 that afternoon doesn't help interested parties. We need to plan our time in advance.

Concerned Citizen.

In all seriousness folks I hope this helps creating a viable public transportation system in town. Perhaps this will also spur that regional rapid transit system I want. I know the upfront costs of an elevated system sound daunting, but you make up for it on the operational costs. Why do upgraded bus lines or light rail when you can BUILD quiet monorails to where you exactly need it? Just build the damn thing already!

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