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Thursday, March 09, 2006

You Want The Job Hunt To Be Perfect.

The idea was to type up and send out 5 or 6 cover letters and resumes. I managed to finish one (long story that I'm not getting into. You would think doing laundry would be easy, but OH NO!). I decide to use the superduper laser printer to make the addresses on my one envelope. Word's printer wizard showed me exactly what I had to do.

Being a SMART computer person I decide to test this on regular envelopes instead of the expensive blue marbled resume envelopes I got the other week. I actually use old resume envelopes that don't match any resume paper I have as I don't have any regular cheap white envelopes. The envelope never gets a address printed on it. I ran it through 5 or 6 times and never got any address to print on it. I even told Word what size envelope I had (no. 10 in case you're curious). It didn't matter. The printer did like to keep the print queue full and use up my paper. I had 4 sheets of paper with mailing addresses on them come out. How useless!!!

Resigned I decided to print the addresses on the envelope. It doesn't look as professional, but it is all I can do. I manually cleared out the printer queue. The printer was ready. I put in one piece of the expensive blue marbled resume paper and hit PRINT on the window that had my resume. My resume didn't print out, but the mailing address looked nice on the marble paper.

Someone please just shoot me now.

To add insult to injury I just discovered the glue on the envelopes is useless. Not only does it taste horrible, but the flap will not stay down. Plan B was to tape it down, which I did. Does ANYTHING in my life work the way it is supposed to?

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