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Monday, March 27, 2006

This Is Why They Play The Games.

11 seed George Mason is in the Final Four.

11 seed George Mason is in the Final Four???


I knew not every #1 makes it to the Final Four, but no a single one made it this year. How many brackets look like someone slit their wrist over it this year.

Let's look at the rest of the Final Four.

3 seeded Florida made it. A definite long shot, but if you picked them not an unreasonable choice.

4 seeded Louisiana State University...ummm..wow. Seriously I doubt anyone picked them to be in the Final Four. With Duke, Texas, and Iowa in that bracket LSU played some serious games to earn their way into the Final Four.

2 seeded UCLA defeats 1 seed Memphis 50 - 45. Wait that wasn't the halftime score? The high school state championship scored more points than that and high school doesn't use a shot clock! I don't like UCLA, but they were a good pick if you had them.

Should be an interesting last few games. Does anyone have a bracket that is salvageable?

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