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Friday, March 17, 2006

"You're the lawyer, you write up the contract!"

Item being sold. Check!
Identify the buyer and seller. Check!
Blank line for the purchase price to be filled in later. Check!
Terms for the installment plan of payment. Check!
A choice of law and forum clause favorable to me since I'm only licensed in Indiana. Check! (Yeah I'm showing off a little. I need to prove I actually went to law school.)
Date. Check!
Blank lines for our signatures. Check!

My first contract. It isn't even a half page long. While simple it should be legally binding. As long as I pay off the full purchase price in 3 years I don't see any need for anyone to file a breach of contract claim against me. The CAG would kill me if I don't pay her. She knows how to make it impossible for CSI to tell I was murdered.

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