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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

At Least They'll Spot The Problem.

I didn't get to the most important items on my To Do List, but I did get quite a bit finished yesterday. The association is having a spring walk-through to see what needs to be fixed today. I left a voicemail stating who I was, where I was, and what needed to be repaired this year. The soffit above my bedroom window is falling down. My shed is full of decaying wood, the door is in multiple pieces, and the sill has rotted away. The most obvious problem, if they're willing to walk to the muddy back, is the fence that fell over. I gave up trying to put the fence back up the past few weeks. With the wind gusts the fence keeps falling down. Only cats walk along the back path as no sidewalk exists. The fact the leaf cleaning crew keeps forgetting to get the fallen leaves for the fourth year in a row makes it impassable.

I was quite pleasant in my voicemail. Please note these problems and fix them in a reasonable time.

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