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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Can Still Hear Jegen Bellowing.

I just finished my taxes. Okay TurboTax finished doing my taxes, but I inputted the data. I forget the exact figure, but did you know if you earn less than $7,500 you don't have to file your tax return. I don't recommend that, you don't get your refund if you don't file your taxes.

I clicked on various extra information simply to be amused and to learn things. I didn't perform a 1031 Like-Kind Exchange, but Jegen's voice appeared in my head as I read about eligible property must be either investment or business related, not personal. Don't forget, "EVERYTHING is gross income!"

If anything, thanks to his class I understand the tax code a bit better now. No I will not be your tax attorney.

The best thing is I finished in time to catch the new Veronica Mars episode.

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