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Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm recovering from a cold. I bet you thought I would say alcohol induced poisoning/binge. Nope. It was coming on Friday, I fought it Saturday while at a football game (upon further review not one of my brighter ideas), and am attempting to sleep it off Sunday and today.

I don't feel too bad, but my voice would go out in a few minutes if I had to talk. I couldn't go into work because of that. Besides I might infect the children or they'll infect me. Either way isn't good. Aside from the cough and the sore throat I believe the worst part is my joints aching. Oh Tylenol Cold kick in soon please.

Maybe another nap would be a good idea.

Sorry but no commentary on horrible football, Serenity (go to movie theaters and see now please), or SCOTUS nominees today.

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