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Monday, September 26, 2005

More Football

I'll add to this throughout the day as I don't have time to type everything now. A few thoughts for now.

Four teams had byes, one game postponed due to Hurricane Rita, and three of the remaining six won their games. My pool took a hit. I'll have to see how back I did in comparison with everyone else later.

Purdue returns 10 starters on defense and is still unable to stop a 4th quarter comeback that allows Minnesota to tie the game. This was a dark horse team to win the Big 10. Now we're going to play a cocky, scum sucking Notre Dame team that is on fire with a wobbly option for an offense and a defense that falls apart when it counts the most. Maybe they'll rise to the challenge.

Nice to see a live NFL game and I'm happy for the Colts win, but what happened to our offense? Everyone is back except for one tight end from last year and suddenly the Colts can't sustain a drive to save their lives. Defense is playing great and Corey Simon is a run stopping monster, but Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Cleveland aren't offensive powerhouses either. The Colts need touchdowns soon or we're in trouble.

The hallways of the HoosierDome...err...RCA Dome are way too narrow. Once lines formed at the concession stands people going through had to squeeze through at the back. Very bad traffic flow and I hope the new stadium fixes that flaw.

Speaking of concession stands all of them need to be full service. The one nearest me offered pop, beer, hot dogs, and candy only. I went to the other one that offered all of the above and nachoes. I spent two-thirds of half time AND THE ENTIRE THIRD QUARTER standing in line for nachoes. That is insane. I literally got back to my seat just at the beginning of the fourth.

Speaking of concession stand lines I need to kill the drunken, loud mouthed, would never shut up dumbass who kept asking for scores to the other games and wouldn't believe us when we kept correcting him about the Bears score.

That is all.

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