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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Evil Halloween Candyhound.

As a favor I was supposed to help mow the parents' back yard and leaves. Being stuck in rush hour traffic killed that plan, but I was given other duties. My new job was to help give out Halloween candy to the monsters, superheros, and ghosts that came by.

The fuzzy MacGyver hates the doorbell. He also hates the UPS delivery man, a few uncles, and cats so I wondered how he would handle little monsters. They're not too big so I think he believes he could take them if he had to, but he noticed the candy being handed to them. Candy always has MacGyver's attention so he decided to slip through the door before it closed and follow the creatures with all this new candy down the driveway.

Stupid fur-covered brain with a big nose! At least he made it only 15 feet.

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