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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Culture Of Cubiness

Until this season I forgot Chicago had another baseball team than the Cubs. My friends were Cubs fans, when I had cable TV WGN always had Cubs games on, my one trip to Wrigley Field proved it is a big party in and around a decrepit concrete shell that just happens to have a baseball game played in it. Based on all my previous exposure I thought about 7 or 8 people actually cared about the White Sox. This is a common phenomena when a major city has TWO teams in the same sport. Personally I believe this shouldn't be allowed. Spread the sports love around is my philosophy.

Back to the point. I don't know many WhiSox fans, but those
Southsiders sure are vocal. They like to remind the sports world, "Hey! There's more to Chicago than those damned Cubs who rely on their ill-formed reputation as losers!" I'm not a baseball fan because I didn't grow up exposed to the Nation's Pastime, but congrats to the Chicago White Sox for providing an excellent season and impressive playoffs. Personally I think they swept the Houston Astros 5-0 because Game 3 was so friggin' long it should count as two games! Maybe now the ghosts of 1917 can be swept away.

As for those lovable losers who have marketed their struggles to the Nth degree, shut up and start spending the money to get a winning team. You make so much coin from your rep as a crappy team that you're complacent to the all-mighty dollar. Give your Northside fans some love so I won't have to listen to them whine all the time please.

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