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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Football Blues

My pool was 3 out of 11 this week. Two weeks ago I was 2 out of 11 with 3 losses by friggin' field goals! Last week was 4 out of 11, and now I'm spiraling towards sub-mediocrity again.

Purdue looked pretty decent in their loss to Wisconsin. The defense showed signs of life. It was nice to see the ball get spread around on offense a bit too. Actually it was spread around too much with 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns. Starting a new QB was overall a good idea. Painter has a cannon for an arm and knows when to run. The option actually worked under him. Sadly he mad a few rookie mistakes like the 2 interceptions. The Boilers have to win out to even be bowl eligible. Let's accept this should be a rebuilding season and start the sophomore QB to get some experience for next year. I think Kirsch makes a good backup QB, but unless he really shines in practice he's had his chance already as the starter this season and didn't do well.

Thank God I have to Colts still. Go Peyton and kick the winless Houston Texans to the curb.

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