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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm Just Not Feeling Like A Super Lawyer Yet

First, hi to Karen the Miss New Commenter. I actually got to see you from about 50 feet as you said your name. I actually thought you were someone else from 50 feet. Happy accident? Sometimes I wonder if the people commenting actually exist or if I've gone multiple personality disorder again.

By the way, couldn't someone given us a quick overview of how the ceremony was scheduled? We get out of a very cramped hallway and I see people having to tell their name to the audience. I kept trying to make sure my throat was clear before I got in front of the mic.

I'm guessing I'll start feeling like a lawyer when I start performing legal work. I may have to sue someone. Perhaps I need discovery requests to bounce off my chest as I leap over tall courthouses. Disarm frivolous lawsuits with my super legal sense.

Oh yeah, isn't it amazing how fast company websites change? You hit some firm websites and suddenly I see quite a few of my former classmates listed. Good job folks.

I could write down profound thoughts, but I just don't feel like taking the time to type them.

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