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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

That Great Sucking Sound

*trumpet clarion playing all around*

The day has finally arrived. The day that the world changes yet again.
Civilization 4 is on sale this entire day. Fanatics likely snatched up the first copies at 4pm yesterday. Civilization was the reason I got into computers. A friend had it on his 286 and we stayed up nights to play it. I finished my homework and went to his dorm room to type in the DOS commands required to play Civ. I created worlds. I destroyed worlds. I traded with neighbors. I conquered neighbors. Sometimes the neighbors conquered me. I had enlightened ages with minimal conflict. I had ass kicking ages with minimal peace. Outside of the band lounge no one saw me for days.


Sadly I haven't even played Civ III yet. I finally bought a copy during the summer but promised myself I wouldn't open it while studying for the bar exam. Now Civ 4 is out and my computer isn't powerful enough to play it! ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!! One day I will upgrade my electronic hardware and disappear from all sight. Life will be very good on that day.

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