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Monday, July 25, 2005

Raise Your Hand If...

you've ever just wanted to walk up to someone and proudly proclaim in their face:


In other news (because I don't feel like a theme today), it isn't a good sign when you walk outside in the early morning and believe you're in Satan's armpit. Going to be a steambath today.

Only 2 subjects left to review for today (Family Law is always best interest of the child and Trust & Estates. Just don't die and don't worry about it). Good. I lack the energy to do much more. Around Thursday or Friday I just hit a wall of molasses. I don't care at this point. Can we get it over with.

5 pm is my drop dead time. The books will close, the highlighters capped, and I will go to dinner and a movie. I'm thinking a no brainer like Fantastic Four or Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

I believe minor batteries should be allowed. Our society would be much better off it was just allow ourselves to shove a foot up someone's butt at times. Just a friendly reminder that you just did something stupid.

I'm in a Taco Bell Saturday and I look at the patrons in front of me. This thought occurs, "Were we that stupid and obnoxious as teen agers?"

Hey, you know that we come in peace business? Bite me.

Weather for Wednesday night looks to be cool and not humid. Exxx-cellent!

This SHOULD be the year for a high school reunion. Sadly I haven't gotten any info. I haven't moved since the last one. I guess we're not having one this year.

That is all.

For the past few days I've been craving a motorcycle.

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