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Monday, July 18, 2005

Bar Review Is PHYSICAL Pain.

I needed to cancel my dental appointment this week. Between travel time, waiting time, sitting in the chair with my mouth open time it was 2 plus hours of time I don't have to spare. I decided to make the phone call from out outdoor courtyard so as not to disturb people studying inside (such as the inside the friggin' library where people often blather at normal volume).

After the phone call I stood up to walk inside and was stung by a bee. I was in a swarm of 4 or 5 of the buggers. SONOFABITCH that hurt! Wearing sandals today wasn't a good idea I guess. I freeze my water bottle so I get cold water during the day as it melts so the improptu icepack helps, but just what I need right now before taking 50 crim law questions: a mild throbbing pinprick of a pain on my right foot.

BTW: I don't think I'm allergic to bee stings, but if anyone suddenly sees me keel over find a nursing or med student lurking around here please.

Noon EDIT: I'm not dying so I'm not allergic to bee stings. Useful info to know. After 20 minutes no pain really existed. That was nice. I do have a nice red splotch on my foot though. Eh, it wasn't like I was trying to impress anyone with my feet. Nikki, who saw the entire incident, said that bees die after hey sting you. Very stupid of Mother Nature to give you one shot at defense and then kill you for using it.

It appears the bee sting made me smarter as well. 65% on 52 Crim Law questions (one fact pattern has multiple questions and you can't stop at only one question). Now can I learn from what I did wrong so I get better before the exam?

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