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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday SpiesĀ©: Living and Dying in 3/4 Time Edition

A day late. I don't care. I was busy yesterday in Bar Review. Someone kill me now and get this torture over with.
3/4 Time, what is this a waltz? From BTQ.

1. What time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up?
I try for bed around 11pm. If I want to stay up late I can do 2 to 3am pretty easily.
The alarm is set for 5:50 am on most days. If I crawl out by 6:15 I'm doing good. If I let my body do whatever it wants I can sleep to almost 9am easily. Unless I've been up to 3am, then I turn into a vampire.

2. What do you want done to/with your body after you die?
If any organs are useful I'll donate them. If I'm dead I don't need them. After that I'm thinking Viking funeral. Place me on a boat and nuke it as huge funeral pyre for all to see. If the technology exists when I die just shoot me up on a rocket for a suborbital flight path. I'll finally be a shooting star!

3. Describe your dream house.
A roomy, restored Victorian sounds good. I love the fishscale siding, the bright colors, the turrets, a 3rd story attic that can be converted to an apartment or rec room. Keep the tall windows, but yank off the siding to put in some insulation and exterior foamboard. Renovate the interior with new wiring. If I can sneak in some solar shingles to generate some electricity past the historic boards that would be nice. Lots of rooms for kids to run around in, a decent sized kitchen with gas appliances. A decent sized library/den for me and any future companions to work in. I want a basement or garage big enough to have a workshop in. Two good bathrooms with those big clawfoot tubs.

Of course a big brick Victorian sounds good and I know exactly the one I want. Prime candidate for a rehab.

4. Are you an excellent driver? Do you speed, or drive the speed limit? Ever been ticketed?
I'm an okay driver. I believe I pay attention far better than most people, but my driving skills are average at best. That is the biggest problem with most drivers they believe they are far better than they actually are and forget they're piloting two tons of metal. If I want to be excellent I need to get into some advanced driving schools. I get something a bit sporty and nimble I'll try some autocross rallys or something similar and I will attend a racing school nearby.

Speedwise, I follow the flow of traffic and I'll leave it at that. I've been ticketed once and have received two warnings. Not too bad IMHO.

5. What is your favorite animal, mineral, and vegetable?
Animal: dogs. Is there a critter better than a good dog?
Mineral: I don't wear jewelry, but I love the color of an emerald. Just the right shade of green IMHO. Of course if I'm giving away a mineral the one I would like to give away the most is a diamond. The reasoning for both is very different.
Vegetable: sweet potato. So yummy and goes with so many main courses.

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