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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The MIGs Are Superior

No, not the Russian fighter planes (though some are very very good aircraft). I'm talking about PMBR's Multistate Issue Graphs. It seems to me those MIGs tell me more about Torts, Con Law, Property, etc than the outlines. At the very least they give you 90% of what you need to know in a clear concise manner.

That appears to be the key to the Multistate: if you truly understand the basics you'll to better than most people. The fancy stuff will trip up most people so you're not losing points there. If you understand the basics, such as contract formation, mortgages, life estates, 4th Amendment Right to Privacy, separation of power and whatnot, you get the most points.

Realistically we're all shooting for around 60% for the Multistate. We get that and we'll pass the Multistate for every jurisdiction I know (especially mine). I just want the bonus points so they bolster my essays. My essays are going to blow. I can't read, analyze, and handwrite that fast.

Did anyone have to study by candlelight last night? Those were some nasty thunderstorms and I'm surprised I didn't lose my electricity again. At least the storm drowned out the firecrackers.

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