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Sunday, June 05, 2005

I Feel The Need. The Need For Speed.

I'm on a motorcycle kick again lately. A couple on a Yamaha V Star pulled up next to me at a stoplight and I've been itching for two-wheeled fun ever since. With luck in the fall or most likely next spring I'll try a riding class again and see if I can complete it. If I pass I'll see if I can swing some cheap used bike to practice on. A bike with a 400-500cc (cubic centimeter) engine would be plenty. Enough engine to grow with as my riding skills get better, but not too large that it is way beyond my initial skill.

While many 250cc bikes, such as the Yamaha Virago 250 (a kick-butt little cruiser some say) and Honda Rebel (saw one downtown on Friday, so cute!) are perfect beginner bikes, I've heard you quickly outgrow those bikes once you get some experience.

Keep the motor running folks.

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