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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The B.M.V. Zone

Welcome to a world where time slows down.

No one wants to go to the B.M.V., but I had to. My driver's license expired last week. D'oh! I recall making a mental note earlier in the year to renew it before my birthday, but I obviously forgot. I tried to renew it online (which you can do now FYI), but my social security number isn't in their database. Oh yeah, they aren't open on Mondays anymore meaning I had to wait until today after class.

I'm had to do this the old fashioned way and physically show up. The air conditioning was functioning in that it was slightly cooler and less humid than outside, but not by much. I thought about brining some of my multistate materials with me to study with, but anything bigger than a paperback is unwieldly in their waiting area. The lecturer today had the idea of trying to study in a shopping mall to get used to distractions. If the B.M.V. had tables it would work just as well.

I only needed to show my old license, confirm the information, show my Social Security card, sign the form saying I'll be a total organ donor in a worst case scenario (hey I'll be dead so I won't be needing my organs with me) and paid $19. I wore a nice shirt just to have my photo taken. You have to look somewhat presentable you know?

At least I was out in less than 2 hours with a minimal fuss.

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