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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Where To Celebrate?

The parental units wish to buy my birthday dinner tonight. Who am I to say no? Here's the rub: Dad loves steak and I'm not in a steak mood (normally I would partake of the beef but I want something more special than a chain steakhouse). Mom can't handle anything spicy (so much for the Indian idea). I'm going to veto the new location for Acapulco Joe's on the principle of "This is my birthday, not a quick lunch or after work drink."
Ideas I've come up with so far:
  • The Villa. Never been there to eat and definately off the beaten path.
  • Scholars Inn. I was very impressed with their lunch, but haven't had dinner there yet.
  • The Rathskeller. You can never go wrong there.
  • The Jazz Kitchen. I've always had good meals there before dancing.
  • Moe and Johnny's. Been there for a lunch, but never a dinner.
  • Mama Corolla's. Best Italian in the city.
  • Rick's Boatyard Cafe. On the deck with a view of the water could be nice and I haven't been there in years.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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