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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Help Me Jesus! Help Me Tom Cruise! Use Your Witchcraft To Make the Scoreboard Better!

Week One: 8 out of 12

By the time I got home I could catch the second half of the Cal-Tennessee game. I figured this would be the best game on Saturday. Cal is one of my teams so I was especially interested. I have them going 11-1 this year. Then I discovered Cal was losing bad. My heart seized up and I had a stroke.

I found my notes today and discovered I had Cal losing to Tennessee! I felt so much better. Now I recalled my thought processes last week. Tennessee had something to prove after last season and Cal was in the way for a ripe upset. Never have I been so happy about a loss.

At least I made the right call, but 9 out of 12 would have been a sweet start to the season.

Georgia Tech On My Mind:

Why oh why couldn't Georgia Tech pulled off the upset of Notre Dame? The call against Calvin Johnson on third down was bogus. He had control of the ball while he was airborne. He was horizontal in the air with both hands on the sides of the football. How could the Big 10 refs view the video and say Johnson lacked control? Talk about a drive killer! Does anyone else believe Notre Dame is overhyped? ND is one Brady Quinn injury away from being mediocre.

Why does television insist on starting games at 8:30pm? It shouldn't be nearly midnight when a game finishes.

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