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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Canal Point Grill

Yesterday was a goofy day. By dinnertime I didn't want to mess with fixing a meal and cleaning up afterwards. Besides, yesterday was a cloudy, cool, windy night. The threat of rain had a primal elemental feel to the air. It felt great and I needed to be outside.

If you want al fresco dining in the elements only two areas offer that in abundance: downtown and Broad Ripple. You'll notice my problem. I wanted to be outside, but I haven't selected any type of food. Luckily for the undecided and hungry Broad Ripple is quite walkable. Quite a few restaurant patios were packed for a Wednesday night, but a few seats were open at
Canal Point Grill. I've never been there, but it looked good. Canal Point is the new name of the former Broad Ripple Seafood Shack. Why the name change? I have no idea. I think CPG sounds more professional then Seafood Shack.

I was right next to the canal. It was filled with geese and ducks quacking and honking. Can someone explain to me how Canadian Geese are a protected species? Are their visas good? This is where I need to invite
braingirl sometime. She could provide a different point of view on a restaurant. Are you up for a joint review sometime braingirl? Back on point, the staff was friendly, but dangerous to each other. The hostess grabbed a menu and other items and whacked a waitress when turning around. Whoops.

The menu is naturally seafood oriented, but the other items have a island life flair to them. One of the specials was almond chicken with pineapple sauce. That sounded good. The complementary biscuits and a sugary apple butter type spread were provided. Yummy is the best word to describe them. Though a long wait, my almond chicken was worth it. The plate was large and filled with chicken, a rice bed, and green beans. The almonds and pineapple sauce make the chicken. The chicken was moist and tasty. I must learn how to cook with pineapple sauces and see if I can make my own almond chicken.

If you're looking for a place with atmosphere, good food, good service, then Canal Point Grill is a good choice. I give it a two forks up. I'm hungry again.

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