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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Don't Try To Solve Your Relationship Problems In A Public Place.

So many people are stupid. Do they truly believe because they're in their car that no on can see them? Is glass not usually transparent? Glass in your SUV and this window next to our restaurant booth allows light to go through. I'm only 10 feet away and I can see you. So can the entire restaurant.

She put forth a good effort for 30 minutes at least. She didn't want to listen to his story. Crossed arms and looking away from him. She should have kept walking out of the SUV and be rid of him. At the gas station she should have just kept on walking. He had his smile, his charm, his laugh. Eventually a waitress went out there to remind them we could see their antics. Did they have a shocked look on their face? No they simply carried on. One long night of being out and the relationship was rocky.

She still took him back after 30 minutes of his Swiss cheese lovetalk. It was Swiss cheese due to all the holes. Any bets on when they get into another argument and she finally dumps the chump?

*I wouldn't normally be so hard on them, but from what I could hear it was every cliched make up line in every bad romantic movie you can remember.

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