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Friday, June 30, 2006

Just A Different Flavor At The Track.

F1 fans are extremely passionate about their sport. You have to be if you're traveling across continents. Wandering around the pits yesterday I heard Spanish, Japanese, German, the British version of English, and some tongues I had no clue what they were. However some things are universal. F1's safety car is a race preped Mercedes tuned by AMG. AMG is Mercedes' in-house factory tuner division. AMG makes a Mercedes engine sound like 60's Impala and that's a good thing! The Pillar of Hoosier Centrism and I zoomed over to see the safety cars going, "Oh look an AMG!" Two or three Japanese guys zoomed in from the other way and I heard "wha, wha, gibberish, wha AMG!" The group stared silently in awe at the machinery. Finally the Pillar Of Hoosier Centrism turns his head and says, "I want." The closest Japanese man goes, "I want also." *SMILE*

8 pm Saturday on Speed will be a show discussing the U.S. Grand Prix. That show will be heavily edited from what really occurred on Thursday. One Toyota driver, I don't know his name, signed Toyota hats on stage and tossed them into the audience. One came my way and 4 guys in front of me lunged backwards to get it. Despite my Superman complex I couldn't support the 4 guy colliding into me. Momentum is a pain.

Grid girls. 'Nuff said.

I will go to the track to see quals on Saturday. I had a chance to go to the race on Sunday, but I already penciled in other plans for later that day. I think I'll have fun either way.

Quotes of the day: Fer sure. Is fantastical. Good morning ladies, how are you doing?

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