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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Going To See The F1 Cars.

My lifestyle has numerous disadvantages. However it does have the significant advantage of lots of free time. The Pillar Of Hoosier Centrism has invited me to see the F1 cars at the track. They won't be running, but it appears we get access to the garages and other activities going on at the track. Is this a public relations move for the track and F1? Of course it is! Will I enjoy it? I think so.

I'm still not into the F1 scene, but anything that showcases Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the city is good in my opinion. As I told my dinner companion last night, "F1 brings a lot of positive attention to this city for foreigners to see. If they have a good time maybe they'll invest some cash here like Honda did."

*NOTE: I'm not saying Honda decided to create a plant because of the F1 race. I'm saying Hoosier Hospitality can bring in new opportunities.

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