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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Hate Transcribing New Magic Words.


You see some job leads that are not lawyer-type jobs, but where someone with the legal training could easily fit in. Many jobs don't require legal knowledge, but can use the research, analysis, public speaking, managerial skills that law school develops. How do you translate your skill set into the key phrases and magic words a non-traditional job employer would look for?

My previous cover letters were almost a cut and paste job. I didn't need to tweak them very much between employers. I was getting interviews so I believe it was a decent cover letter. Now, with non-traditional jobs, I'm creating a more verbose cover letter and that isn't a good thing I believe. I need get my point across and sell how my skills are relevant to their job and ignore my degree within one page.

I think I'll save this editing project until after dinner. Right now I'm firing mental blanks. If legal employers won't show me any love, perhaps non-lawyers will.

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