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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

At Least It Isn't Just Me.

I've been attending real estate association meetings for several months now. I've had interest in real estate for years now. 8 or 9 years ago I was giving serious thought to purchasing a Broad Ripple duplex to live in and rent out the other side. Over the summer I've learned there is far more to real estate investing than being a landlord. Tonight's topic concerned tax sales. Talk about perfect timing. A friend has been bugging me for knowledge on tax sales as he wants to get into that aspect of real estate investing.

I recognized the speaker. He owns a law firm I applied to earlier this summer. One of his partners is also a club officer. After the class some people hang around to chit-chat, work up deals, or ask the speakers some questions. I'm listening to some of the follow-up questions and suddenly the partner and I are by ourselves. He said something. I replied that it's amazing that I've learned so much more about real estate by attending these meetings than I've ever learned in law school. (TRUE!) He replied that school is a bad place to learn about anything practical, otherwise we wouldn't spend so much time on the Rules Against Perpetuities. (Also quite true!) He confirmed something I've known about for over a year now: the job market around here is horrible.

"We had an ad out and were completely overwhelmed by the responses. We got ten times the responses we were expecting. Good for us I guess as it really allowed us to pick who we want."

I wonder what would have occurred had I taken Washington or Oregon instead.

PS: in case you're curious I'm on Plan M by now. Plans A through K are history. Survival is the only goal now.

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