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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yes I Am An Addict.

What numbnutted TV executive decided to move Veronica Mars opposite both The Unit (TV's #1 drama according to the Nielsen ratings) and House (one rampant Id and politically incorrect superego limping around with a medical degree)? While no longer competing against the juggernaut of American Idol, this isn't a better situation. I love all three shows and can't watch them at the same time obviously. Other people's TiVo is the only thing that will save me.

This reminds me of my first year in school. Nothing was on TV during Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but Wednesday had my four favorite shows against each other in a 2 hour timeblock. Since I had cable (then) I simply recorded 2 shows and watched the other 2 live. Since I lack cable now recording over antenna isn't worth the effort. The picture quality is atrocious, trust me.

Oh well, other people's TiVo is my friend. FYI: I'll watch Veronica Mars live and catch the others later. If only the writers of The Unit will skip the "and the women who love them" part of the story and focus only on explosions and bullets I'll be happy.

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